All About Insect Repellents

In most cases, people tend to use chemical repellents other than natural repellents. In whichever case, insect repellents are very critical in human life. This is simply because they help as to avoid the effects of insects in our lives. There are very many reasons as to why people should use mosquito repellents. Some of these mosquito repellents will be discussed in the article bellow.

Preventing Bites

insect-repellentsInsect repellents are useful in human life because they prevent the bites that one might incur from insects. These bites do cause skin irritation and rashes, and that is why we need to repel the insects from getting into contact with our body skin. An example of these insects is the mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites your skin, it becomes itchy, and it sometimes swells. This is the reason why we should use Insect repellents.

How does insect repellent work

Insect repellents work in only one way, scaring away the insects that may cause diseases to our bodies. The best way to us these repellents is by applying the repellent to our body can’t for the younger kids; you can use it onto their clothes. These repellents are of different kinds; there are the oral repellent and the applying to the skin.

  • Be sure to follow directions on the specific package of insect repulsive you have purchased.
  • Clean the treated skin region with soap and water at the time you have returned inside, do not concern repulsive so as to open the wound sections, and bypass spraying repellent right onto your face.
  • It is sufficient to spray repulsive into your palms, then rub carefully around the face, eyes and the mouth.
  • Always choose a repellent which provides you with protection for the period that you will be outside.
  • Sweating or swimming may also decrease the period of the time the insect repellent is useful; the extra application may also be needed.
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Ford Ranger Prerunner Bumper


If you have a Ford Ranger, you will probably be looking for a cool and aggressive looking Ford Ranger Prerunner Bumpers. One way to get your vehicle looking just the way you imagined is to build your own bumper, and here you can find out everything you need to get started.

Remember that a project of this type will take at least two days, as you won’t want to rush it and risk doing a substandard job. Even creating a simple bumper for Ford Ranger Prerunners can take a while, so don’t underestimate your ranger bumper

First, you will need to prep your framerails by removing all of the brackets, whether they are welded or bolted on. Then remove any paint, slag or rust from the areas that you are planning on welding as this will give you a clean starting point.

You will need some basic tools to complete this project. Firstly, and most importantly, you will require a grinder, and you will also need a chop saw and a tube bender. Although it is possible to notch your tubes with a chop saw or a grinder, this can prove difficult, so you may also prefer to have a tube bender to hand too.

There are several different steel plate materials you can consider for your project, whether you prefer 4130 chromoly or 1018 hot-rolled steel. Cold-rolled 0.120″ plate is one of the best choices for a project of this type however. Remember that any material that is thicker than your framerails will not add any strength and will actually become unnecessary weight. If your truck is designed for off-road use, a 1018 seamed tube will be perfectly adequate, There are a range of different tube sizes to select from, however the most common for off-road motorsports including 1″, 1.5″, 1.75″ and 2″. A larger size is best for the main structures, and this can be paired with a smaller tube for a complementary appearance, although a 1.75″ tube is probably the best starting point for a mid-size truck.

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